Midnight Star as FPS will Come to iPhone This Month

Industrial Toys have been a long time making a progress com=ncerning with its newest debut of Midnight Star as the first person shooter game

midnight star walkthrough ios android

In line with this, this game is finally going to come out of soft-launch mode soon primarily for ios and android platforms.

In accordance with this information, the team behind this game has confirmed that is is finally going to become available globally next week, on this month.

Anyway, this game is a mobile first person shooter where you will be brought to play in both a single player campaign set in a world torn by war and a multiplayer mode.

Playing in the multiplayer mode will be asynchronous but it will still offer a high level of immersion as the rest of the game.
Moreover, this game will also be expanded over time, with multiple installments expanding not only the game’s story but its gameplay experience as well.

In related to the first launch, Midnight Star will soon be launched on the App Store next week, on February 5th exactly.

If you really want to get detail story of this game, you can learn more about the game’s world by checking out the Midnight Rises interactive novel.


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