Micro Machines as Multiplayer Combat Racer Will Go to iOS Soon

Recently, Chillingo has announced to bring legendary top-down racing game, called Micro Machines to mobile devices this year.

micro machines walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this game is based on the iconic toy vehicles from Hasbro, where Micro Machines games have been thrilling fans for nearly 25 years

As usual, all you will do in this game is to race between various obstacles, such as pencils and books, and you will drive your car on the desks, kitchen tables, and ovens.

On the other side, this game, Micro Machines seemed to maintain the same charming vibe that worked so well in the past.

In other words, the brand of Micro Machines has evoked excitement and nostalgia with so many people around the world

As you may have seen that the previous series of Micro Machines game from the 90’s pioneered the multiplayer
At that moment, this game presented competitive experience game as well

To make it happen, now Chillingo and Codemasters are working together to develop this game to the ios markets for the premier launching.

Both of them are collaborating closely to make sure that Micro Machines to get back as the definitive multiplayer combat racing game

Along with this package, this game will also feature more games modes and ways to serve better play dedicated to new fans worldwide.

In addition, Micro Machines will soon be coming to the App Store sometimes in this year.
So, be sure you are the first one who plays this game on your phone once it has been available there


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