Mevius Final Fantasy by Square Enix Will Come to iOS Android

Square-Enix is going to continue to launch the next final fantasy series which named as Mevius Final Fantasy in which this game is specifically designed for mobile platforms, ios and android.

mevius final fantasy walkthrough iphone android

This game is the sequel of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Final Fantasy Dimensions: Crystal of Time And Space, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, or Final Fantasy Agito where this game is planned to be made in a classic 16-bit RPG on iOS and Android.

Mevius Final Fantasy will be different, as this will be a full-scale, high-quality RPG which has never been seen on smartphones and tablets.

Anyway, this game seems to be taken as seriously as mainstream numbered Final Fantasy games.
And this game will come with an English translation of the Japanese teaser text, which indicates a Western release is already in the cards.

Moreover, Square Enix as the developer of Final Fantasy franchise will make the game to be on par with its console predecessors and nowhere near inferior due to its smartphone origins.

Also, Square Enix has added that map movement will be limited, which will throw up red flags with RPG gamers that have been waiting for this series.

Recently, Mevius Final Fantasy is still in the progress and this game currently has no announced plans to be released in the west but it will be launched sometime in Spring 2015 in Japan for iOS and Android.


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