Mekorama Will Go to iOS Soon

Well, if you sometimes play with robot puzzle on any console or mobile devices, you may notice that Mekorama developed by Martin Magni will come to the apple store

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As you may have known that Magni is the solo developer of the sleeper hit Odd Bot Out
For the next project, he has recently announced his new game called Mekorama which is coming soon.

In this new game, it will offer 50 tiny mechanical dioramas which need to explore and you will get to build blocks to make your own levels
Here, you will get to help a lost robot stumble home to find the way out.

Graphically, this game, Mekorama will be made with 3D manipulable landscapes
Anyway, this may be similar to Monument Valley but it features more brick and mortar.

This game has a relaxed atmosphere, idiosyncratic gestures, and you will have to guide pudgy, cyclopsian robots to find the way out by ascending from one door to another.

Moreover, Mekorama will also feature a level editor
The menu will consist of building blocks, steps, bricks, and water available where you can create and share your own diorama puzzles as QR codes.

These features seem to be the potential for user-generated levels to extend Mekorama’s lifespan
Surely, you will get a lot more interaction and engagement within the world of the game.

In addition, Mekorama is beta tester now and the developer is now recruiting beta testers to firstly test it on the mobile platforms.
This game may come to the apple store once it is tested and it goes well on mobile platforms


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