Mega Drift Goes to Race on iPhone

Chillingo associated with Blackbeard Games will specially present Mega Drift, as an impressive car drifting game for iOS platform, where you can speed around corners through numerous locations, like mining towns and the jungle with one-tap controls option.

mega drift walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this game is created with classic arcade racers in mind in which it will also feature the line-up of upgradeable cars such as muscle cars, trucks, SUVs, and more.

Besides its full of new cars to select and drift-packed mode of gameplay, this game will feature some exotic locations such as abandoned mine towns, mysterious jungle ruins, and more.

Anyway, your main goal in this game is to race through levels, trying to drift successfully around corners.

As a one-tap game, you will simply tap to start a drift, and release when necessary, while trying to come out of the turn in a straight line, in which it will give you a boost that will let you reach the next checkpoint.

In line with this game, Mega Drift combines the fun of power slides with the addictive nature of auto-driving game that will also create an exciting gaming experience.

In this game, you will go through racing courses which are filled with twists and turns
Then, you will get around corners and set your car into a power slide, that you can do with a simple but intuitive one-touch control system.

In related tot he first launch on mobile platforms, this game will be planned to drift onto iOS devices next week.
So, if you are a drifting lovers, be sure to go to the apple store to be the one who downloads and plays this game in your phone.


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