Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 Goes to iOS

If you are a fan of Marvel comics and movies, you may have known that Marvel: Avengers Alliance will continue to launch its new sequel that is Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 in which this game still brings a mix of superhero collecting, surprisingly deep RPG mechanics, and ham-fisted storytelling.

avengers alliance 2 walkthrough ios android

Disney Interactive has just announced that Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 will come to the ios and android markets next year

This game is a brand new game in the series offering a visual makeover and plenty of new gameplay with a mobile-only approach

Similar to the previous series, Avengers Alliance 2 will come along with the same turn-based mechanics as the mobile, the ios and android and Facebook game

Here, you will still see the same characters presented in the new mobile game which is albeit with different attire from Hank Pym and the Wasp

In the mean time, the hero class mechanic is still included here
And, Iso-8 will still be a big part of the story along with Incursions.

The game tells a story that pieces of the planet are disappearing, with entire cities vanishing without a trace.
Moreover, it is a mystery with a single clue where all of the disappearances are at previous sites of Incursions.

In addition, Avengers Alliance 2 will be fantastic, uncanny, amazing upcoming mobile game, which may be the most popular than the predecessor


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