March of Empires as A Strategy Game will Go to iOS

Recently, the developer Gameloft has announced its newest strategy game wrapped in March of Empires which will specifically designed for ios and android platforms

march of empires walkthrough ios android

This game will get you to build a base, raise an army, and send your unit to conquer more territory across a realm populated by other players online.

When performing your action in this game, you will be equipped with the ability to form alliances with other players so that you can chat with your allies effectively

With the ability for alliance officers to elect new leaders, you will also be able to call a general consensus with all the members of the alliance for whatever questions arise

From all of this circumstance, March of Empires will to be a very social-focused strategy game ever on mobile platforms.

Except building stronger buildings and soldiers, you will also get benefit from the weather and seasonal bonuses that will occur during particular time periods.
Such as in the winter, you can have a research that is conducted at an accelerated rate

When going to battle with other units, the battle in this game will be handled in formations.
It means that you will be able to choose one of five formations to manage your troops in, with each formation serving to counter another formation type.

As an illustration, a cavalry attack is thwarted by an organized spearman formation in which there is archer support behind them.

In related to the premier launching of this game, March of Empires will be coming to Android and iOS devices soon.

So, just stay tune on this page to get the newest info, review or even walkthrough of March of Empires on your phone


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