Magic Touch Wizard for Hire Will Come to iOS Soon

Nitrome is the one of popular game developer has recently announced to launch its newest game which is wrapped in Magic Touch Wizard for Hire desigend with the detailed pixel-art style and it is especially for ios platform.

magic touch wizard for hire walkthrough ios android

This game can be said as a unique game where you will control a wizard who has to cast spells to pop balloons falling on him from above.

In order to cast these spells, you must draw lines and different shapes on the screen, in which these shapes will get more complicated as the game goes through some levels.

According to this, this game is a rather simple mechanic, but it works incredibly well, considering this game does not need much precision when drawing lines.

Once making some progresses through the game, beating some enemies will need basic shapes
Moreover, as the game goes on, more complex shapes pop up, and multiple shapes for enemies have to be popped, and so on.

The game is somewhat lenient in how the shapes are drawn, so you must be close to the shape, you have to react as fast as you can.
Throughout the game, you will have to earn some coins to go toward, powerups, and even new backgrounds.

On the other side, this game also features a bunch of content to unlock, that you can do by spending coins that you have earned during the game

With these coins, you will be able to unlock new power-ups, new characters and even new backgrounds, as well as having some good incentives to get better and better at drawing lines and shapes.

In related to the first launch of Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire, this game will be launched on the App Store later this week of this month.


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