Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest Goes to iOS

As you may see on the apple store recently, there have been some matching three games there that come along with unique and new formula to be offered for comfortable gameplay on the mobile platforms

magic the gathering puzzle quest walkthrough ios android

In related to such genre, a matching three game, now Wizards of the Coast and D3 Go are working together to bring Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest to mobile platforms for the next few days

In this game, you will battle with monsters and Planeswalkers to level up your own character
At the same time, you will also have to collect monsters, spells, and artifacts to improve your overall performance.

In this new series, this game will feature Match-3 mechanics where you will see matching icons for offensive and defensive capabilities.

Anyway, if you are wondering to taste this game for the first time before the first launch, you can go to next week’s PAX Prime to be some of the first people to get their hands on Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest

There, Wizards of the Coast and D3 Go! as the developer will be at the convention with the game ready to demo for anyone attending that place.


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