Magic Duels Origins as Card Battler Will Come to iOS Soon

Wizards of the Coast has recently announced to launch their newest game called magic Duels Origins in that this game is can be categorized into new card battle game specifically designed for ios and android platforms soon

magic duels origins walkthrough ios android

In line with this game, Magic Duels: Origins will be the sequel to the Duels of the Planeswalker, along with a storyline based on the upcoming Magic Origins set.
It also features playable Planeswalker cards and stories explaining the origins of five Planeswalkers.

This game will also support a single player mode where you can take on an unlimited number of AI controlled opponents, with a quest system that will add some variety to the mode.

Meanwhile, playing in multiplayer mode will also be one of the strongest points of cross-platform features that will allow you to play the game on iOS devices to play together with your friends playing on PC and PlayStation 4 called Two-Headed Giant mode.

You will also see the Deck Builder feature, which will receive several enhancements as well as new tutorials that will teach any player more about the game and its mechanics.

You will also see that quest system with new individual and community challenges weekly and you will be served with Limitless Free-to-Play with 100% earnable content
You will also learn all new Skill Quest tutorial system

Playing this game will be a good alternative if you do not want to spend a bunch of money on card decks games.
Anyway, this game is still in the progress and it may be launched sometime during July on the App Store.


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