Magenta Arcade as Shooter Game Will Come to iOS

Long Hat House will soon launch their new debut that is a really interesting arcade shooter game called Magenta Arcade that will be on the App Store next week, in which this game seems to get an inspiration from classic top down shooter games coming with some new features.

magenta arcade walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be using your fingers as weapon.
On the other words, your finger itself will act as character.

In line with this, all you will do is to tap and hold on the screen to start firing
And, You can also try to drag your finger to try, move and dodge bullets from enemies standing in your way.

Anyway, the system has some clever uses, where you can pick up your finger and reposition it to get out of the way of danger in the game.
Moreover, a feature opens up a lot of interesting possibilities, as you must be careful along the game.

On the other side, this game includes five different stages but it looks like those stages will come along with some unique twists that will make the whole experience more varied and interesting to play with.

And, this game seems to be a really good game combining an old school gameplay formula with a feature that takes advantage of the touch screen of iOS devices.

In related to the first launch, this game seems to touch the apple store next week
Thus, be sure you are the first one tasting this game on your phone


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