Lumines as Music Symphony will Come to iPhone

Few years ago, the first launch of Lumines from Ubisoft had come to the PSP and PS Vita
And, Lumines will now be walking into mobile platforms, ios and android

lumines walkthrough ios android

Anyway, if you are a big fan of music, matching, and brilliant gameplay, this game, Lumines will bring you fresh features where you can make 2×2 matching squares in a falling blocks environment.

When working on this, you will need to make those matches before the timeline swept past again.
Later on, you will be able to unlock different scenes, each has its own music, which in turn powers the timeline that will make it to move at a different pace.

Seemingly, it looks like Mobcast will be doing one better than just a port.
They have got the rights to Lumines from Q Entertainment, and they also plan to use those rights to make a brand new Lumines experience for ios and android.

In line with this, it is a good news as the creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi in Mizuguchi’s US-based studio Enhance Games will work with Mobcast to bring the latest version of Lumines to life on mobile.

Recently, there is no word on the game that it will come to smartphone as soon as possible
However, considering how popular Lumines was among North American PSP owners, and how large a cult following Mizuguchi has in the West, this game will be in progress that may get there in soft launch first.

Thus just stay tuned to get the first new related to this game`s first launch so that you are the first one who taste this game on your smartphone


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