Love You to Bits is The Sequel of Tiny Thief

This newest game Love You to bits reminds you to an imaginative, original puzzle adventure game, Tiny Thief that was being popular game last year.

love you to bits walkthrough ios android

In can be said that this game is the spiritual successor to Tiny Thief which is developed by ex-members of Tiny Thief dev 5ants.
This game is categorized into a point-and-click adventure game which is set in space as a major location

Throughout the game, you will take a role as a tiny explorer trying to find the broken parts of his robot girlfriend.
At this point, you will cue pointing, clicking, and plenty of adventuring in which this game is coming along with bright cartoon colors and wonderfully realized characters.

Instead of exploring a Middle Ages world, you will start your adventure from planet to planet as you will collect the now-scattered pieces of your robot girlfriend.

The game promises space-time puzzles, and you will be assigned to find hidden objects
Also, you can interact with aliens and sometimes you can squash with boxes.

Graphically, the environments here are crafted beautifully, that is also suit different moods of the story.
You will also encounter the levels which are intricate art pieces with plenty going on while others are simplistic.

In related to the game launching, this game will be set to mobile in 2015, in which this will firstly come to iOS then it will be launched on an Android version afterward.


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