Loot & Legends or Card Hunter Will Come to iPhone Soon

Card Hunter is developed by DropForge Games, which will offer the combination of include deck building, tactical combat, a unique hybrid role-playing game or RPG and card collection game or CCG.

loot and legends walkthrough ios android

On the other words, this game can be said as a legit tactical tabletop RPG experience on mobile platforms

In line with this game, some folks have tried since then to capture the Card Hunter magic on mobile, and the game is now renamed as Loot & Legends, to simple make its way to tablets.

Seemingly, the developers at DropForge Games have done an excellent job explaining any deviations concerning with the rename of Card Hunter to Loot & Legends.

And, the creator also adds the new layout that takes more advantage of the free space, and it will make the individual cards go to a much larger scale.

At this point, the new layout will be focused on making it easier to find, compare, and select your equipment.
You will also see that there are also colored borders around each item to show you their rarity.
Thus, when tapping on any piece of equipment, it will show you the cards associated with it

Again, the developer seems to change the design that will give you a better sense of your progression through the numerous adventures within the game.

Here, tapping any card will let you zoom in so that you can see the full details for the card.
Also, the individual pieces of equipment can be easily swapped in and out.

In addition, Loot & Legends has recently come to the Canadian App Store for soft launch.
Later on, this new free-to-play game will go exclusively for iPad users, which will bring the popular PC game with a newly optimized experience for tablets device.


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