Little Traders Will Go to iOS

New year is about two days left, and the upcoming games are waiting to be launched on the ios and android markets for 2016

little trader walkthrough ios android

There will be a lot of genres which take part in coloring the apple store for January 2016
One of the games is Little Traders, the stock market game which will come out next month, in which this game will teach you about stock markets where you can invest and trade through gameplay.

Seemingly, this game has got The Winner of the Most Innovative Product and Best Mobile FinTech Solution Award.

In this game, you will help Mrs. Mueller and her friends which make their livings by investing their money in the crazy 1920s stock market.

Here, you can buy and sell stocks with your little traders
You can also hire more traders to trade realistic stock prices, explore new stocks and get high score to be competed with your friends

Graphically, this game takes setting in the roaring 1920s, and it is made with Gatsby-style pixel art with tower-building, along with realistic stock prices for trading.

Besides, this game also features a cute cast of diminutive characters with their own little motivating stories

Again, you will then be assigned to trade based on news delivered by the paper boy, invest clients’ inheritance money, diversify their portfolios and build a successful Wall Street empire.

In accordance with this, you will also be tasked to unlock new floors to your pixel-deco building, purchase fancy furniture and hire more enthusiastic traders to help you dominate the market.

Thus, if you are really curious of what this game looks like, you may stay tuned on this site to get the review or even walkthrough of this game on your phone


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