Letter Tale as Puzzle Adventure Game Will Come to iPhone Soon

The apple store will have a guest that is a new adventure game featuring a really unique art style which will be packed in Letter Tale.

letter tale walkthrough ios android

This new game is developed by Daniel Nitsch, German developer in that you will be brought to take the role of Ari, a cute fox having no idea where it comes from and he has been raised by carrier pigeons
Then, Ari will then take on their job to deliver some letters all over the world.

Becoming a fox postman is hard job, as Ari cannot fly, so you will have to guide that character to deliver all letters by completing several puzzles to overcome the challenges of his job.

Beside trying to solve the given puzzles, this game is full of odd characters, and you will meet them as you bring them their letters.

Anyway, this game will come along with charming art style.
In related to the first launch, the developer has been announced for iOS platforms but a precise release date has to be confirmed yet.
In addition, this game, Letter Tale will go to iOS this spring and Android as soon as possible.


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