Leap of Fate As Action RPG Will Go to Mobile Soon

In the previous post, the newest game called Allstar Legion will come to ios platform and now a fresh and interesting action role playing named Leap of Fate will be launched on the App Store later this year
Anyway, this game seems to put your skills to the test with some of its features.

leap of fate walkthrough ios android

Leap of Fate is developed by Clever Plays, and this game can be categorized into a new action role playing game where you will take on the role of four different characters, a shadow mage, a technomancer, a spirit channeler and a rogue occultist

In this game, you will explore a cyberpunk version of New York City.
As in several other games, the four characters will come along with different abilities in that these abilities will add more variety to the overall experience.

Based on gameplay experience, you will not be able to restore your health during the game so you will really have to be careful when trying to defeat enemies.

On the other side, this game will include some randomly generated power-ups so it will not be like players will be powerless at all times.

You will also be served with big variety of equipment items that will allow you to customize your heroes, making it easier to survive for longer.

In addition, this game, Leap of Fate will be soon coming to the App Store later this year.
The developer seems to not reveal the first launch so stay tune on this site to get the newest news concerning this game, such walkthrough of review about this game.


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