Lastronaut as Endless Runner Game Will Come to iPhone

How many endless runner games scattered on the apple store and plyed on android device
Anyway, some of them are more popular mobile titles, that bring gameplay experiences to make them perfect to play them on the go.

lastronaut walkthrough ios android

On the other side, such game in similar will usually be full of IAPs that may be required to see everything the game has to offer.

In line with this, new game Lastronaut will not be the case with a new endless runner game that will be launched on the App Store soon.

This game is a pixel-packed, adrenaline-fueled dash where you have to run, jump, dodge and fire your way through the machine army
Your character here will be equipped with an arsenal of human and robotic weapons to cause mayhem with.
In this game, your mission is simply to reach the last rocket ship leaving Earth.

On the other side, this game will come to mobile platforms in a completely where you will have to control your character and you will try to reach a ship that’s leaving Earth while blasting invading aliens and avoiding obstacles along the game.

As stated earlier, this game is completely free and it does not feature any IAP whatsoever so it is how far you can go relying on your skills.

In addition, Lastronaut has yet to receive a final release date but the team will plan to launch this game the next month.
So, if you love plating a kind of endless running game, you should try Lastronaut that will give you a unique fun as you will not be served with a kind of currency like the other games in the same genre.


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