Lara Croft GO Goes to iOS This Month

After launching Lara Croft Relic Run few month ago, Square Enix has recently announced to continue to launch the sequel of Lara Croft series called Lara Croft GO

lara croft go walkthrough ios android

The game is now in the progress of the development for the final touch in which it will specifically designed for mobile platforms, ios and android

Anyway, the word GO is a kind of Square Enix’s way to say it is kind of like a board game, in which it seems to be pretty cool branding to establish.

The developer also confirmed that Lara Croft GO art contest is under way, and it will feature the gamer-centric charity Child’s Play.

In line with this game, Lara Croft GO will be coming sooner on this month in that the developer has just announced that this game will be set for August 27th on mobile platforms.


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