Knotmania as A Sci fi Puzzle Game Goes to iOS Next Year

For the next coming days, the apple store will get a new guest in form of puzzle game
This game is called Knotmania, an innovative-stirring puzzle arcade game

knotmania walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have a journey of an alien structure of rooms inhabited by the Strings, a half like living creatures.

These strings energy runs the structures, whereby the exploration can go on stop the energy by unraveling them.

Later on, you will be brought to untie several different knots looking like worms and snakes, as they wiggle and move around.
In other words, it is all about untying knots and making good use of the touch controls.

In line with this, the strings you untie will be coming to life when you touch them to resemble tentacles or snakes.

Graphically, this game is made with quite colorful and will surely make the experience even more charming.
Besides, the levels will be generated well so you will never encounter the same stage twice.
These strings will generated in procedure but they react differently to your touch each time.

The game also features 55 rooms containing each of the generated knots.
When performing your action, you will have a time limit to rescue the sentient strings and get a better score with few swipes

Also, you can replay levels to beat your score.
Moreover, to encourage competition, this game offers Game Center leaderboards divided into Score, Levels, and Golden Tangle.

In related to the premier launching of this game, it will be launched on the App Store sometimes next year

Thus, be sure to stay tuned on this site to get the review or even walkthrough related to this game on your phone


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