Kingdoms as Strategy Game Will Come to iPhone

Space Bears is recently in the progress of its newest game, called Kingdoms, which is a rather minimalistic strategy game where you must capture the opponent’s tiles while fortifying your positions and dominating your territory on board from your opponent.

kingdom strategy game walkthrough ios android

In related to this game, it will come along with some interesting mechanics with different play styles, like the extra turn obtained by conquering a tile and more.
Also, this game offers some interesting new features like a new single player mode, match replays and more.

In a glance, this game is all about being the first to get bonus moves by cutting tiles off their king than it is to rush into your opponent’s territory.
Here, the starting positions and the number of moves per turn will take a big role, in which both players can start the game with either an offensive or a defensive strategy, and adapt in the following turns.

To play this game, you and your opponent will take turns placing tiles.
Later on, you will be able to take over any enemy square adjacent to yours
And, the first player to capture the other’s king will win the game

Anyway, the fortified tiles cannot be captured by an enemy.
Moreover, conquering enemy tiles will provide you extra moves next turn, and separating a group from its king captures them all.
Thus, the main point is you will have to conquer tiles and defeat kings on the go as soon as possible.

On the other words, this game is about a two-player capturing tiles, fortifying positions, and wresting territory away from your enemies.

In line with this, you will have a wide array of offensive and defensive tactics with an emphasis on smart territory management and quick, decisive moves
On the other side, Kingdoms game will be launched later on mobile platforms, ios and android
So, just stay tuned on this site to get the newest updates concerning this game


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