Kingdom Rush Origins Will Come to Mobile Soon

Ironhide Games Studio has recently announced that the third installment in the Kingdom Rush franchise, Kingdom Rush Origins, the tower defense game is on the way to iphone and android.

kingdom rush origins walkthrough ios android

The next Kingdom Rush game which is a pioneer to the next series, entitled Kingdom Rush Origins will be in similar to the predecessor.

In accordance with the release date, the developer has also launched a trailer that will give gamers the first impression of gameplay.
This game will tell you about a world of elves and fairies, the environments look to have an appropriately nature-based feel
Moreover, this game will be coming along with plenty of greens and a tower.

Like its predecessor, this game is categorized into a tower defence game concerning with placing and upgrading turrets, to fend off waves of tiny creeping enemies.
Here, you will have powerful hero warriors on the battlefield, and you will be equipped with a bunch of special powers to help turn the tide.

Along the game, you will meet the four tower types such as archers, warriors, mages, and chaps who lob boulders and they are practically identical to the last quarter of defenders.
In this game, you will have special power like the new lightning power which is similar to Frontiers’s rain of fire.

This game will add new enemies such as gnoll tribesman, sea serpents, evil sorcerers, giant spiders, and the Twilight army.

For further, you will be assigned to upgrade your towers.
In related to the heroes, you are able to pick or buy new ones such asa volley of arrows from archer Eridan, or spiky root attack from living tree bloke Bravebark, each with its own ability.

When being in battlefield, blue-tipped trees hurt nearby warriors, and enemies can sneak into a waterfall and pop out further down the path, bypassing many of your traps and turrets.
And, make sure to stay updated for every news related to this game.


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