King of Thieves as Platforming Tower Defense Game Will Come to iPhone

ZeptoLab is now being in the progress of King of Thieves, that is a kind of multiplayer PvP game with elements of platformer and tower defense.

king of thieves walkthrough ios android

On the other words, this game can be said as a hybrid of an auto-running platformer and a tower defense game where you will simply run and jump over a variety of hazards while penetrating your opponent’s defenses and stealing their treasure.

Also, you will need to make your own defenses like making elaborate traps to prevent other players from taking over your treasures.

In this game, you will go through the other players’ dungeons and you will try to grab their treasures such as hoarded gold and jewels.

In related to this game`s first launch, it will be coming to iOS in February, and an Android release follows shortly afterward.
Along the game, you will be served with the art of robbery and defense as the release date get closer.


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