Kim Kardashian Hollywood Update Welcome to Florence Italy

To make the game more fun to play, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has added a major update.
In this new update, you can now visit Italy, where you can find the love of your life and tie the knot in city of love, Florence.

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Coming with this recent update, you can now play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on Facebook.
Here, you will be able to change your relationship status according to every in-game tiff and make-up session

Moreover, some parts along with this update also includes bits and bobs like new items, new quests, free gifts, and video messages from Kim.

In order to play this game for the first time, you can use your energy meter to breeze through tasks instead of having to wait around

Make sure your energy is full, when you walk into a task that takes time to complete like a photoshoot.
On the other side, yo will be able to shorten your wait significantly, by tapping around and completing the various chores scattered around the scene.
Every time you do this, it requires energy.

Once playing this game for few time, you will earn some cahs that you can use to purchase items for customizing your character

If you really need cash, just go back to the So Chic Boutique and do not forget your roots.
then, if you go back to the So Chic Boutique and work a shift, you will be able to earn cash and even stars which is the game’s hard currency.

In order to improve your social status, make sure to purchase and furnish a home in which this game offers you a chance to own your own home.
So just grab one to improve your rating amongst your fans.

You can also find experience and money by simply tapping around the screen
Whenever moving to a new location, always tap around the scenery.
Bushes, trees, garbage bins will give you money and experience points hiding in them.
Hidden rewards regenerate after a few minutes, so make sure to tap them often.

If you want to have tons of bonuses, make sure to network with everyone so if you see a stranger, be nice.

Make sure to always play this game regularly for avoiding losing fans
It is caused by if you do not play this game every day, you will lose fans.
And without them, you will not have status.
Then without the status, you do not have the power in this game.

In addition, owning pets will come to more rewards and cuddles in which they will also give bonuses, including energy bonuses and cash.
For such reasons, you can consider adopting a pet once you have a new place to live.

If you have more expensive clothing, you will get noticed the likelier
And, if you have more expensive your outfit, you will be noticed by your fans.
Dress well to impress anyone in this game.


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