Kayos A Speedy Game Goes to iOS Soon

Recently, the apple store will get a new guest that is a fresh endless runner game, called Kayos which promises an intense and fast gameplay experience.

kayos walkthrough ios android

In a glance, this game developed by Jonathan Lanis looks like a gorgeous and intense runner game or a speedy game, where you will be able to fly a ship through a series of geometric formations, while completing with rapidly moving cubes and prisms getting in your way.

The developer had also been popular with some intense titles such as Boost 3D and Boost 2 game few months ago.
Anyway, this game looks pretty similar to the PC or console game Race the Sun.

Kayos will retain some of the signature elements of the developer, such as the high speed of the overall experience
It is also some brand new ones that will make the new game feel fresh and exciting for those who are playing it.

In this game, you will have to lead your ship through some unique environments made of moving geometric forms, such as cubes and prisms, that will constantly get in your way, making the whole experience more difficult and ultimately more engaging.

In related to the premier launch, this game, Kayos will be brought to the App Store soon
But, a release date is not yet to be confirmed by the developer.
So, just stay tune on this site in order to get the review or even walkthrough of Kayo as a speedy game.

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