Jetpack Joyride Introduces Back to the Future for the Recent Updates

If you played the most popular Halfbrick game called Jetpack Joyride both on ios and android devices, you will be informed related to the recent updates that is Jetpack Joyride Back to the Future

jetpack joyride back to the future walkthrough ios android

In related to this newest updates, when you update Halfbrick’s classic endless runner, the update pays specific homage to Back to the Future II

As usual, your main objective in this new update will still be the same as the original series that is to stay flying for as long as possible while collecting gold coins to unlock new suits
Later on, just feel free to bump off any nerds in radiation suits along the game.

This new update also seems to bring the updated graphics to reflect the version of 2015 as you live in right now

In this game, you will collect flux capacitors to add time to your countdown
Then, you will upgrade your jetpack to the DeLorean or a hover board
Also, you will be able to unlock Doc and Biff outfits, that you can wear on the next mission
You can also mix your new outfit with Marty’s tie-dye hat.

Graphically, you will see that the new Hill Valley background looks appropriately future-retro. Anyway, you can download this new update for free on the apple store

So, just go grab it off the App Store and enjoy your ride in the joy of travelling without roads in the game.


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