Jetpack Joust Goes to iOS

In the next few days, the apple store will get a new arrival, that is a new endless game called Jetpack Joust, where you will get to master flying jousting and deal with enemies for fuel.

jetpack joust walkthrough ios android

This game, Jetpack Joust is made by Rondo Rocket Games, that will take you to fly upward endlessly and attack other opponents with your sticks.

Sometimes, you can possibly land on the opponents’ heads and gather up more coins that can be used to do a variety of things needed along the game.

Here, you will have to dealt with the opponents in each stage in which you must be careful not to get hit, as you will lose fuel everytime an attack lands.
If all fuel is lost, it is game over.
You can collect more from fuel canister scattered all over the place.

Seemingly, this game is a rather straightforward game offering a simple yet fun gameplay experience and a retro-inspired gameplay experience.
You will enjoy your experience to fly with your jetpacks and beat opponents using only your virtual electric sticks.

In related to the first launching, this game will soon be launched on the App Store.
But, an exact final launching date is yet to be confirmed as well as the price included herein.


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