Into The Dim as Roguelike Retro Turn Based RPG Will Go to iOS

In this winter, the apple store will get a new guest that is a really interesting roguelike game called Into The Dim

roguelike into the dim walkthrough ios android

This game developed by Happymagenta will feature a very interesting graphical style and solid gameplay experience.

On the other side, this game brings a retro-style rpg and it tells about a boy and his dog as main heroes.

Along the game, you will guide a young boy to explore various locations while completing puzzles and defeating enemies in the process.
During your exploration, you will deal with dungeons, secret rooms, puzzles and unique gameplay.

When dealing with enemies, you can use several different weapons such as bombs and bullets which will beat enemies at ease

And, you will see enemies in the different powers or attack style, so you will need to analyze their moves and think several steps to take them out.

When battling with enemies, always keep an eye on your health condition and bullet number
In the mean time, be sure to collect medkit on time and use your gold wisely.
Besides, this game is a turn based affair so you will have to think long and hard about your next move.

In addition, this game, Into The Dim will soon be launched on the App Store in all regions on this week
Thus, if you are a fan of roguelike retro rpg, you may have to stay tuned on this site to get the newest info or review related to this game


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