I Am MT2 Rush of Heroes Goes to iOS Soon

If you like playing RPG on mobile, you may know I Am MT game in which this game seems to be inspired by World of Warcraft, that blends of card-based battles, RPG mechanics, and battle-cows.

rush of heroes walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this game will then continue to a new series wrapped I Am MT2 game titled as Rush of Heroes
In Asian territories Rush of Heroes is also known as I Am MT2, in which this new sequel will come in much more hands-on than its predecessor.

Graphically, this game will be made in 3D and fully animated one
Also, there is apparently a more traditional battle system that does away with the first game’s cards.
And, the battle-cows are still grazing in this strange new world.

In line with this, you are also able to take up a profession in this new series.
Here, you can be a fisherman or a miner, amongst other occupations.
Everything, you do, just try to focus on your quest.

In addition, in related to the premier launch of this game, Rush of Heroes will be planned to come to the US on June 15th, in which it will be published in English territories by Firefly Games, the developer of this game.



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