Huntdown Goes to iOS Soon

From the next days to come, the apple store will get a new guest that is a game related to a bit of a soft spot for cyberpunk.

huntdown walkthrough ios android

This game, Huntdown is the product of Swedish developers Tommy Gustafsson and Andreas Rehnberg in which it is built in the basic setup in the future stinks.

In other words, this game adapts a kind of a mishmash of quasi-apocalyptic which you may have seen in Robocop or Judge Dredd movies
But, this game comes along with a sprinkling of Blade Runner style which will be awesome to get in.

The story of the game will tell about the gangs which seems to much run the cities
And, the police are forced to hire bounty hunters so that they will get a much help to overcome such gangs

Besides, you will guide the bounty hunter to hunt down various gang leaders which will earn your money for living.

In addition, this game is still under the development and there is no specific launchind date or the pricing info related to it
Perhaps, Huntdown will come to mobile platforms later this year.

So, for those who like playing shooting game, you may have to wait for this game to come to the mobile markets


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