Hue Ball A Tetris Puzzle Game Bounces on iOS

The apple store will get a new guest that is a new puzzle game or shooting game genre that is specifically designed for iOS devices.

hue ball walkthrough ios android

This game, Hue Ball is in the progress of Adam Corey, in which you will are tasked to control a small cannon placed on the bottom of the screen that shoots some colored orbs against a variety of other stationary orbs for score.

In the mean time, these orbs will bounce around the screen when hitting other stationary orbs, also becoming one of them when they stop moving.
Every time, your orbs stop moving the obstacles will become bigger, in which you have to plan each shot better.

On the other side, each time you get a new orb to shoot out, the ones still left will bulk up.
In line with this, these orbs can turn indestructible and clutter up the board.

Similar to Tetris game, every time you make progress through some levels, things will probably get overwhelming fast, making that one good move that clears the board all the more satisfying.

Anyway, this game seems to be like a puzzle game that will put your skills to the test with a gameplay experience.

Thus, if you wonder to test your skill in this game, you may have to wait until this game has publicly been launched on mobile platforms as soon as possible.


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