Horizon Chase as Arcade Racing Game Goes to iOS

For those who like playing arcade racing games, you will be served with a similar game called Horizon Chase that will be launched on the App Store in all regions tomorrow.

horizon chase walkthrough ios android

Horizon Chase is under development of Aquiris Game Studio.
In this game, you will take part in high speed races, avoid traffic, pick up fuel tanks and race against other cars to be placed on the first position.

As a modern arcade racing game, this game has a few twists in the formula that give the game a more modern feel, in that you can see this in the several different control schemes.
Anyway, if you own a controller, you can play this game with gamepads.

In addition, this game, Horizon Chase will be launched on August 20th on the App Store in all regions and it will be available for the price of $2.99 in iaps.
So, just stay tune on this page to get the newest info related to this game


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