Hopiko as Platform Game Goes to iOS

The apple store is now full of platform games, in which some several games are getting launched each month offering different systems and the gameplay formula.

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In line with this, new platform game called Hopiko will soon go to the apple store in a little more than a month in all regions.
This new platform game in under the development of Laser Dog Games, the team behind the nice Alone.

Here, you will have to guide the mysterious creatures called as Hopikos to move from one platform to another
When guiding them you will also have to avoid the dangerous forces that will be standing in your way

This game will come along with simple controls, as you will need a single swipe to move the creatures from one platform to another.

When moving them, the platform will move quickly that make each jump potentially very dangerous to go through.
Every time, you can reach some platforms safely, you will be rewarded with points score

In line with the premier launching of Hopiko, this game will be launched on the App Store on September 23rd in all regions.
So, just stay tuned on this site to get the review or even walkthrough of this game


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