Heroes Tactics Mythiventures Goes to iOS

It is about next week, the apple store will get a new guest in form of a new tactical RPG which is called Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures

heroes tactics mythiventures walkthrough ios android

This game is now being in the development of Camex Games, as the developer
In accordance with this, this game will come along with a focus on mythological adventure, a mixture of single player questing, and PvP combat against other players online.

Again, this game will be a free to play RPG, that will get you to work towards building a team of heroes, each comes along with different skills.

You will freely select various heroes, while encompassing knights, griffons, unicorns, medusas, and harpies, among others.

Later on, you will have to complete missions in which you must rescue Princess Loralyn from an evil demon and challenging other players to PvP combat

Besides, you will also go to the adventure through player customized levels, raid castles, or create the most powerful guild

In line with this, Heroes Tactics Mythiventures will provide endless gameplay as you build your army of highly unique heroes.

You will then level up your heroes by playing in numerous game modes such as Campaign Story, Training Grounds, Guild Recruiting, PVP Arena, Hero Class battles

You can use heroes from powerful wizards who can obliterate an enemy with one blast to sword hero wielding knights

Moreover, this game will be filled with heroes who can be strategically brought into combat
Plus, many combinations can be used defeat the monsters in the quests.

You can also gather up heroes by conquering kingdoms and empires in different campaign stages then train and customize them with numerous weapons and armor and lead them into action packed battles

On the other side, you can also develop your favorite battle strategy from some combinations of heroes, battle formations and skills.

In addition, this game will come to mobile platforms next week
So, be sure to stay tuned on this site to get the review or even walkthrough related to this game


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