Heroes Reborn Enigma as FPS Action Game Goes to iOS Soon

If you ever played Heroes Reborn game series, you will be introduced to the next sequel which is called as Heroes Reborn Enigma that is being designed for ios and android platforms

heroes reborn enigma walkthrough ios android

This Hereos Reborn series is developed by Phosphor, in which the team behind several well crafted games including WWE Immortals and the other ones.

Executive Producer Tim Kring will make this game as a first person action form, in which you will be served with a puzzle where you will take control of a 14 years old girl named Dahlia to escape from a government facility called The Quarry using her powers, which she has got from her adventures

Especially for the recent series, Heroes Reborn: Enigma will present you never-before-seen characters and environments.

You will also be allowed to play and enjoy the stories which include share key characters, story points and gameplay dynamics.

In related to the premier launch of this game, Heroes Reborn: Enigma will soon be launched on the apple store this year
Anyway, the exact launching date has yet to be confirmed for ios and android platforms


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