Heroes and Castles 2 Goes to iOS Next Month

Recently, Foursaken Media has announced to launch Heroes and Castles 2 on the apple store next month and it seems that this game has been in progress since last year

heroes and castles 2 walkthrough ios android

Now, the sequel to their 2013 third-person, action RPG, Heroes and Castles 2 is going to come to ios on May 14th.

Seemingly, this game is the combination of third-person combat with RPG elements and tower defense mechanics

Later on, this game, Heroes and Castles 2 will challenge you to defend your castle from the incoming enemies.
Here, you are able to choose to play as a character from one of three heroes and one of nine different playable character classes.

Graphically, this game is made with the graphics dull and unexciting in which it is how the game blended different genres together

In line with this, the developer promises to present incredible mobile graphics which are featuring vast numbers of units on screen at a time, day and night cycles, and more.

On the other side, this game also supports a single-player campaign, a co-op multiplayer mode, and PVP battles
Also, this game will offer you many ways to take your armies into battle whether that be on your own, with a friend, or against one.

So, just stay tuned on this site to get review or even walkthrough of Heroes and Castles 2 that will be firstly launched on May 14 on the iOS App Store.


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