Harmony 3 as A Puzzle Game Goes to iOS

BorderLeap has recently announced to continue making the next sequel of of the Har•mo•ny series called as Har•mo•ny 3 that will be launched later next month on the App Store.

harmony 3 walkthrough ios android

In this new series, it is a sliding tiles puzzle game where you will have to slide colored panels and reform the correct color palette.

Along with it, this game also comes along with a beautiful soundtrack made by band Hammock, who also provided 6 unreleased tracks to the game.

The developer also promises to make the game more challenging one, in which it offers 90 super hard levels that will players’ puzzle games skills to the test.

In a glance, this new series will be a really nice puzzle game that can keep those loving such game occupied for quite some time.

Moreover, this game is well crafted gameplay experience that will surely make fans of the series and puzzle games enthusiasts happy.

In line with the first launch of this game, this new series of Harmony will be launched sometime this month on the App Store.

So, just sty tune on this page to get the review of even walkthrough of Harmony 3 game once it is available on mobile platforms.


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