Gun Slug 2 Will Come to iOS Next Year

OrangePixel is in the progress of its newest game, Gunslugs 2 in which this game has finally received a final release and will be launched to ios and android in the first month of next year.

gun slug 2 walkthrough ios android

Early on, this game was planned to be launched sometime in last month on iOS platform
Anyway, the team behind the project has change the launching time that will be next year.
In line with this, OrangePixel confirmed that the delay was apparently a business related move.

On the other side, this game is not going to play all that differently from the previous series, in which you as the players have to explore a variety of stages while shooting anything that moves with all you have got.

According to the gameplay, the game’s hectic and exciting experience is inspired by old school platform or shooter games such as the Metal Slug and Mega Man series
Thus, if you are big fans of those classic game series, you will be familiar when playing the newest game from OrangePixel.

In addition, in related to the launching date and time, Gunslugs 2 will be launched on the App Store on January 15th but the price itself is not yet to be confirmed though.

By the way, if you want to taste the game before considering to purchase, you can try to check out Gunslugs 2’s free demo on its official website.


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