Golfinity Is The Sequel of Nimblebit: Is It True

Almost anyone here knows the popular of NimbleBit game
In line with this, the developer of this game will continue to launch the next of nimblebit game which is called golfinity

golfinity walkthrough ios android

If it is true, there is a good chance you will hear about this new game in the next days.
For the detail of this game, both accounts as well as that of NimbleBit’s Tim Rudolph have shared score updates and images from a yet-to-be-released game called golfinity during the last week.

It is also followed by tweets which have revealed that it is coming to the App Store soon, but there are no plans for Android at the moment

But we do not know what it like or it like a mini-putt game such as Mini Golf MatchUp, or it is something fresh then nimblebit itself

Whatever it is like, be sure you are the first one to get this game.
And if these tweets are anything to go by, this game will come to ios as soon as possible
Hopefully, Apple will make with the approval already concerning this game


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