GNOG as A New Puzzle Game Will Come to iOS Soon

If you ever MOnument Valle on your phone, you will be served with a puzzle game in similar genre
As you may have known that Monument Valley was an incredibly good puzzle game released on the App Store sometime ago.

gnog walkthrough ios android

Recently, the apple store will get a new guest in accordance with the other puzzle game which has been influenced by Monument Valley
This game is called as GNOG that is being in the development of KO-OP Mode.

Along the game, you will have to explore the heads of several different robots and you are tasked to activate a variety of mechanisms to clear the stage.

To perform your action, you will have to rotate and manipulate the environment that will guide you get the solution of the puzzles that you must solve in each stage.

In a glance, this game, GNOG will be like the perfect game for fans of puzzle games
Anyway, this game comes along with its unique gameplay experience and graphics which will make the game stand out from the competition.

In addition, in related to the first launch of this game, it will soon be touching on iPad first
Since, the game will be launched next year on the App Store, you can stay tunes on this site to get the newest updates or even waltkthrough of this game


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