GiveItUp as Endless Runner Game Will Come to iOS on This Month

Invictus Games will provide you a new interesting endless runner game bundled in GiveItUp that will will be released later this month on the App Store, and soon on Android as well

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Anyways, this game will provide you a challenging rhythm based experience
In this game, you will play as a black blob that constantly moves forward.
Then, your main objective is always to keep going forward, in which the blob has to land on green platforms while avoiding all kinds of dangers there
At this point, to deal with it, you have to time jumps with the music.

GiveItUp! also features a really simple graphical style along with the music at all times
Here, you cannot definitely be distracted with overcomplicated graphics, as this game will be a really challenging game to play with.

In addition, GiveItUp! will also bring a really unique gameplay experience that will include some interesting twists on the endless runner formula in that this thing will surely make it a memorable experience.

However, you must be patience as this game is still in progress and it will be launched next week on the App Store for all regions.


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