Future Factory Will Come to iOS

Developer Fun 2 Robots is in a progress of making its new debut that will present a really interesting new shooter game called Future Factory

future factory basic gameplay walkthrough ios android

Future Factory is a roguelike twin stick shooter made for mobile platform in which this game is set in a robot-infested future, and it looks pretty swish.
Moreover, this game can be said as a game that all hardcore shooter games fans will surely enjoy.

The developer also will also increase asynchronous multiplayer after the game launches that will be greatly expanding the gameplay experience

In this game, you will take a full control of your characters with a twin stick control scheme, in which you have to beat countless robots and try to counter and survive their attacks.
Also, this game will come along with the role playing game features that will allow your character to become more powerful as the game progresses.
Here, becoming powerful will be important in the game, as this game features unpredictable procedurally generated stages, in which a feature that will make the title developed by Fun 2 Robots quite challenging.

At this moment, the team behind this game is planning to support the game after release with new updates that will add more features to the game, like a multiplayer mode and much more
You will also see RPG-style levelling, and a bunch of upgrades as well.

This game features simple pick-up-and-play controls, and gently layers on the challenge will get an improvement as well.

In line with this game, it will be launched this Winter on the App Store but the developer has not yet confirmed a solid release date and anything more concrete of this game.


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