Fun Run 2 is in The Way to iOS Android Soon

After successfully launching Fun Run to become a massive mobile success story on mobile, now dirtyBit will come to ios again with the next sequel that is Fun Run 2 which is hopefully to be one of the first online real-time multiplayer games for mobile.

fun run 2 walkthrough ios android

As you know that the firs series of Fun Run game has been an addicting experience with a Mario Kart-inspired concept tied into a 2D side-scrolling running game.

This game will come along with various characters and garments to unlock
For such reasons, Dirtybit has also implemented key features such as leaderboards, online matchmaking, and lethal attacks to help you win the race to the finish line.

In related to this news, the developer will launch this game on iOS and Android soon.
But, the developer did not give any detail concerning the exact date of the first launch

Anyway, you can expect to see a new roster of characters, new gear, fresh environments, and an evolution in the attacks which may be different with the previous one.


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