Fortisia as An Action RPG will Come to iOS Japan

As you may have known that SEGA can be said as a top notch game developer that has published some of the more popular games such as the Sonic the Hedgehog games, some arcade games such as Virtua Fighters and much more which are scattered around the console and mobile platforms, ios and android.

fortisia walkthrough ios android

If you are a fan of rpg played on mobile, you may know that the Shining Force and Valkyria Chronicles series are the best ones specifically designed for mobile platforms

Recently, the company will continue to make a big move in the world of action role playing games which is then called as Fortisia, action role playing game designed specially for mobile platforms.

Fortisia is recently in the progress of the development and the company is seemingly in collaboration with Line to make it happen to mobile

This game will be made as an action role playing game where you can play this game with your friends at the same time online

Also, it allows you to use the unique weapons called Fortis, where you will be able to use Fortis Summons and destroy all enemies with your advanced weapons.

Graphically, this game will be made with an anime inspired graphics style which will make it great to pay on the go

In accordance with the premier launching of Fortisia, the developer has announced to launch it for Japan as of now

If you live there, you can taste it by taking part in pre-registration which is now open for iOS users.
Perhaps, this game may be launched to the apple store in all regions


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