Flop Rocket as An Arcade Game Will Come to iPhone Soon

After launching Flop Rocket on android platforms, Butterscotch Shenaningans has confirmed that this arcade game will soon be launched on the App Store on this month.

flop rocket walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have to guide a rocket through five kilometers of a cave for weird mission in that the space program is underfunded so this is all that can be done.

You can find the game’s tone that is definitely funny and more humor when starting to go through these five kilometers
Caves here are suboptimal launching pads used to reach space.

Also, you must avoid some really strange creatures such as Spaceducks, worms and several other weird creatures along the way.
Along the way, while flying, you will also have to gather up more coins that you can use to purchase future upgrades.

On the other side, you will be given with limited fuel that you must use wisely
And, you will be prompted to get to space, aspiring cosmonaut.

Anyway, this game will allow for cross-device saving, cross-game functionality, and more.
This game will be free-to-play, but the game will offer you to if you buy Butter Up for a $2.99 so that you can get a coin doubler, disabled ads, and you can unlock 8 of the 12 upgrade paths.

Seemingly, Flop Rocket sports will be more deeper than what it may seem like in which you have to complete quite a lot of missions to unlock more items that can make your next run last for longer.

So, just stay tune on this site to get recent news, review or even cheats concerning with Flop Rocket game that will be flying to the App Store soon on this month.


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