Fearless Fantasy Goes to iOS

Recently, tinyBuild has announced to launch their newest game that is a turn-based RPG Fearless Fantasy for mobile platforms

fearless fantasy walkthrough ios android

Fearless Fantasy is a weird RPG with turn-based combat and gesture controls.
A year ago, this game was launched on Steam featuring some of the most bizarre visuals, and overall it’s been positively received by those who have played it.

Now, a new version has been planned for mobile for quite some time.
The beta went smoothly, the game was all ready to be released thereafter. T

Then, its announcement said that this game is going to hit the App Store in all regions.
The iOS version of Fearless Fantasy is going to be released later this week in all regions for a yet to be confirmed price.

So, just wait this game to be available on the apple store
Be sure you are the first one who downloads this game on your phone


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