Fantasy War Tactics Comes to iOS Next Month

Nexon has recently announced to launch their newest game called Fantasy War Tactics which will be coming to the apple next month.

fantasy war tactics walkthrough ios android

Fantasy War Tactics will bring both the strategy RPG genre and F2P titles with social feature
In this game, you will be introduced with 12 regions and 180 dungeons to explore

Similar to the strategy games out there, you have to use the surrounding terrain to bolster your defense and offense.

Anyway, this game will also feature a roster full of heroes, competitive multiplayer battles, and a challenging single-player campaign

On the other side, you will be assigned to build an army of heroes that utilize terrain, character skills, direction of attack, combo system and the adversary system to get your champion in turn-based asynchronous battles online

Also, this game also will come along with the game’s social features where you can borrow your friend`s heroes to strengthen your band of heroes

In addition, this game seemed to be launched firstly on the android markets
So, if you want to taste this game, you may play it on the android phones before you can play it on the ios platform that will be coming on the apple store few weeks next


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