Fantasy Life 2 Two Moons and The Village of God Goes to iOS

If you have played Fantasy Life game in Nintendo 3DS, you may have to try the newest series, called Fantasy Life 2 Two Moons and The Village that will specifically be designed for mobile platforms, ios and android

fantasy life 2 walkthrough ios android

This game is a rather interesting role playing game where you will actually be able to live in the 12 different lives in a fantasy word
There, you can also take on different professions as well as going out into the world to defeat monsters, collect items, villagers, expand the borders and more.

On the other words, just like the first game, the story focuses a bit more on building up the town, and it will have the same fields to explore
Also, there will be familiar characters returning as well, and you can form parties to take on monsters.

In related to the premier launching of Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons And The Village of God, it will be released this Summer in Japan for iOS platform first.
Anyway, a Western release date has yet to be confirmed so stay tuned on this site to get the latest news, review or even walkthrough of this game.


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