F2P Stan Lee`s Hero Command Will Come to iOS

Recently, F84 Games and POW has announced a new third person brawler game called Stan Lee`s Hero Command Excelsior will go to iOS and Android on next month.

stan lee`s hero command excelsior walkthrough ipad android

If you often read Marvel Comics, you will know Stan Lee who is the man co-created many of the company’s most iconic characters.

Here, Mr. Lee is not done with creating super heroes yet, as some of his new creations will be the main characters of a new brawler game launching soon on iOS users.

When playing this game, you can control new super-heroes created specifically for this game such as the Seer, Captain Steamhammer and many others.

Along the game, you will go to over 250 missions given to you by Stan Lee himself.
In these missions, you have to beat up opponents with your special powers, then you will also try to defeat Stan Lee’s new super villains, like Lord Hibiculus as leader of the Dark Gnome aliens from Gnomulon, and Sand Witch as an ancient mummy awakened by a curse.

In addition, this game Stan Lee’s Hero Command will be soon brought to the App Store on March 2015.
Also, this game will then be launched as a free to play game with IAPs, which will most likely allow you to purchase items and accessories to give a different look for your characters’ appearance.


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