Exiles Far Colony as Sci-Fi RPG with Rocketboots

Form the creator of Ravensword Shadowlands, the game seems to have the next sequel entitled Exiles Far Colony that can be called as sci-fi game

exiles far colony walkthrough ios android

Anyway, if you are big fan of the Elder Scrolls-inspired Ravensword and the fantastic sequel, Ravensword: Shadowlands, you will be brought to ride on a pair of rocketboots and pick up a blaster that will bring you to go to the future.

In line with this, Crescent Moon Games as the developer of Ravensword: Shadowlands has recently announced their newest game called Exiles: Far Colony, which is a sci-fi RPG that is made by the same team behind Ravensword: Shadowlands
Here,, you will be able to traverse a massive landscape on a remote planet to uncover dark secrets inside a corrupted colony.

Along the game, you will be able to enjoy to put your hands on blaster rifles, hover bikes, giant mechs and more.
On the other side, if you are an Android gamer, you can taste this game alpha starting next Monday.
However, if there is no alpha available for iOS gamers, the developer are planning on a full release of this game on both iOS and Android before the end of the year.

So just make sure you always get recent news and updates of this game from official developer that you can do by following @cm_games Twitter account
And, make sure you are the first to go to Crescent Moon’s journey beyond the stars.


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